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swinstall fails accessing remote system


Title: swinstall fails accessing remote system
Document: 1114017019
Author: Michael Marxmeier (mike@marxmeier.com)
Keywords: HP-UX,swinstall,install

swinstall could fail with a message like below:
ERROR: Could not access remote file ...
       due to an internal error on the remote system.

This problem is likely caused by a problem in the DNS setup. swinstall needs to be able to perform a reverse DNS lookup. If the reverse lookup results in a different host name then swinstall seems to assume it installs to a remote system.

It is worth checking that the host name and the resolving through the IP address actually result in the same host name (possibly fully qualified).
You possibly need to restart swagentd.

As an alternative setting the swinstall option All targets to resolve the source locally seems to avoid the problem.

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