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eloqdb: accept failed (ENOBUFS)


Title: eloqdb: accept failed (ENOBUFS)
Document: 1098199294
Author: Michael Marxmeier (mike@marxmeier.com)
Keywords: eloqdb,eloqdb6,accept,ENOBUFS,233,HP-UX

Q: The following messages are in the eloqdb6 log file. What is the problem?

eloqdb[1314]: accept failed. [233] No buffer space available
eloqdb[1314]: accept failed - ignoring connection request

A: This is a harmless notice. It usually indicates that the client side has disconnected before the server could accept the connection.
This message - usually - has nothing to do with availability of memory. It means that by the time the server process got around to calling accept() on the listen socket, the client had given-up (for whatever reason) and aborted the connection.

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