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Eloquence B.07.00 on Fedora Linux FC2


Title: Eloquence B.07.00 on Fedora Linux FC2
Document: 1092421936
Author: Michael Marxmeier (mike@marxmeier.com)
Keywords: Linux,pty,eloq,fedora

Q: I'm trying to install Eloquence on a Fedora2 box, but no luck so far. The deamons starts fine, but when I try the eloq command I get
unable to allocate pty
can't  allocate mpty
unable to create home task

A: The pty allocation procedure in the released eloq version for Linux depends on the BSD legacy pty devices. This is no longer supported with the standard Fedora FC2 kernel.

For workaround for now is to create a custom kernel to enable the "Legacy (BSD) PTY support".

Subsequent Eloquence releases will add support for the newer pty allocation functions.

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