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image3k returns status -7681


Title: image3k returns status -7681
Document: 1082486461
Author: Michael Marxmeier
Keywords: image3k,status,-7681,windows,linux

A status -7681 returned by the Eloquence image3k library functions may indicate an endian problem.

Eloquence uses a native calling convention, depening on the platorm. On little endian systems (Windows, Linux) arguments, data and status codes use a little endian encoding.

In case the calling application gets a status -7681 from a database call this usually indicates the application uses a different encoding for binary values.

In case the image3k library returns status -31 this may be interpreted as -7681 in case the application uses a different binary encoding.

In COBOL you should either use COMP-5 to interface with the database or the appropriate compiler directive/option to let the compiler automatically convert all COMP fields to COMP-5.

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