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Installing Eloquence on SUSE Enterprise Server (SLES)


Title: Installing Eloquence on SUSE Enterprise Server (SLES)
Document: 1079631569
Author: Michael Marxmeier (mike@marxmeier.com)
Keywords: SUSE,Linux,SLES,install

Installation procedure does not work correctly on SUSE Linux enterprise server (SLES)

This problem affects Eloquence B.06.32 and B.07.00.

Eloquence verifies the content of /etc/SuSE-release file to check for the SUSE linux version. The same Eloquence rpm archive could be installed on differed SUSE versions. However this file has a slighly different content on the SUSE Enterprise server product. As a consequence, the Eloquence installation procedure assumes an old SUSE Linux release and may fail to setup some configuration files properly.

As a workaround you should backup the file /etc/SuSE-release and modify its content temporarily before installing Eloquence. The Eloquence installation procedure expects the first line of the /etc/SuSE-release file to look like below:

  SuSE Linux x.y (platform)
  VERSION = x.y
The SLES 8 version has the following content:
  SuSE SLES-8 (i386)
  VERSION = x.y
After the installation has finished, please restore the previous content.

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