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Disk space allocation in volume files


Title: Disk space allocation in volume files
Document: 1078435112
Author: Rolan Genske (rhg@marxmeier.com)
Keywords: eloqdb6,volume,allocation,database

The Eloquence database server uses the following approach to allocate disk space from a volume.
  • First, all available volume space is used.

    If you add a data volume with its minimum size which is about 2.5 MB, the new space within these 2.5 MB will be used before any of the volumes are grown.

  • If there is no more volume space available, the first volume which is not already at its maximum size is grown. If this does not satisfy the current request for additional space, the next volume is grown.

    The volumes are ordered by means of an internal order information. The first volume is always the one you initially created with dbvolcreate. The order of the other volumes is determined by the order of their creation with dbvolextend.

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