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Terminal is locked when using function keys


Title: Terminal is locked when using function keys
Document: 1074179352
Author: Michael Marxmeier (mike@marxmeier.com)
Keywords: terminal,MPE,locked,function key

Q: Using Reflection, each function key produces a KB locked symbol. I have to do a soft reset and press the function key again. Terminal emulation is hp2392, hp70096 etc.

A: Please try to set the TERM variable to 70092.

$ TERM=70092


The problem is related to the fact that the Reflection (R1) configuration must be different from the HP3000. Eloquence should reconfigure the terminal automatically but seems not. This might be terminal type specific (TERM variable).

We setup the following terminal configuration:

  InhHndShk(G)=YES, InhDC2(H)=YES
In addition the softkey mode is set to 'N' (normal) while it is 'T' for the HP3000.

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