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Gigabit Ethernet adapter has no MAC address


Title: Gigabit Ethernet adapter has no MAC address
Document: 1055864725
Author: Michael Marxmeier
Keywords: linux,ML310,ML350,TC2120,Ethernet,Gigabit,gethwid

A possible firmware problem with the Broadcom BCM5702 Gigabit Ethernet adapter on the mainboard causes problems with the MAC address.

The ethernet adapter may have no MAC address which causes problems in the local network and does not work with Eloquence.

Depending on the model, the MAC address is never present or disappears after a reboot. This has been observed on different systems, such as the HP/Compaq Proliant ML310T01 and ML350T01 or the HP TC2120.


  1. Power-cycle the machine

  2. Write down the MAC address. If the MAC address is never available in Linux, plase go into the BIOS.

  3. Add the MAC address to the /etc/modules.conf
    post-install bcm5700 ifconfig eth0 hw ether MAC_ADDRESS
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