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Eloquence A.05.20 and HP-UX 11i compatibility


Title: Eloquence A.05.20 and HP-UX 11i compatibility
Document: 1047520917
Author: Michael Marxmeier
Keywords: A0520,HPUX11,11i

Eloquence A.05.20 can be used with HP-UX 11i (HP-UX 11.11).

We strongly recommend to no longer use Eloquence A.05.20 for new installations and suggest to update to the current B.06.32 release (or newer). Eloquence A.05.20 is only available to support the installed base on older HP-UX systems. Only limited support is available for A.05.20.

Installing Eloquence A.05.20 on HP-UX 11i requires installation of the following patches:

  • PE52-9805180
  • PE52-9806180
Available for download from:

  • PE52-9906211
  • PE52-9906210
Available for download from:

Additional information on Eloquence A.05.20 is available at:

Please note that installing a temporary license during installation does no longer work with A.05.20. If a temporary license key is required for installation, please request a license key before installation. You may use the Eloquence web site to request a license key.

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