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DBOPEN returns status -7681


Title: DBOPEN returns status -7681
Document: 1046763512
Author: mike@marxmeier.com
Keywords: eloqdb6,faq,image3k,cobol

Opening the database fails with status -7681 on Windows or Linux

On systems with little endian byte order (Intel) COMP-5 must be used instead of COMP.

The Eloquence image3k library uses native byte order while Cobol implementations may always use big endian byte order for COMP (independend of the underlying system). On little endian systems (Intel) Eloquence and Cobol then use a different encodings for COMP values.

DBOPEN returns status -31 when an invalid mode is passed. On little endian systems this is encoded as (hex) ffe1. If this value is decoded in big endian byte order it becomes (hex) e1ff which is -7681.

  • With Acucobol you can use the compiler option -d5 which makes all COMP to COMP-5.

  • With Micro Focus Cobol the folowind directive has the same effect:

We are currently working on an option which does no longer require the usage of COMP-5 with Eloquence.

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