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JavaDLG on Windows: "Could not load the main class"


Title: JavaDLG on Windows: "Could not load the main class"
Document: 1014894889
Author: Roland Genske <rhg@marxmeier.com>
Keywords: java,dlg,jdlg,javadlg,windows,load,main,class

Q: When trying to start JavaDLG on Windows I get the error message "Could not find the main class. Program will exit". The path to the jdlgS.jar is correct and JavaDLG runs with exactly the same configuration on other Windows PCs in the same network without any problems. What is the problem?

A: Please check your display settings (right-click your desktop background, choose "Properties" and select the "Settings" pane). You probably have 16 colors configured. The SUN JavaVM, however, needs at least 256 colors to run. With 16 colors it will display the "Could not find the main class" message which is confusing in this context.

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