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Document: 1003237740
Author: Michael Marxmeier (mike@marxmeier.com)
Keywords: dump stack

The DUMP STACK statement prints the current Eloquence execution stack to the system printer. The execution stack includes nesting of structured constructs, subroutines and function calls.

DUMP STACK [depth]

If the optional depth value is present, only a limied nunber of entries are printed. By default all stack entries are output.

Lvl Segment              Type     SLine Eline
--- -------------------- -------- ----- ----- --------------
   0 SUB Pu726                         0
   1 SUB Indirekt                    501
   2 FN  Pm128b2                   16889
                          GOSUB    16017
                          LOOP     15619 16104
   3 SUB Pm128                      5943
   4 SUB Direct__                    669
                          REPEAT     607   704
   5 main                            259

The following columns are present:

  • Lvl: The current stack level (0 = current)
  • Segment: The current program segement
  • Type: The type of the stack entry
  • SLine/Eline: Starting and Ending Line of a structured construct
  • Flags: Information used by Eloquence during execution.

DUMP STACK has not been documented but is available for a long time and should work for all versions of Eloquence.

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