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Operating System Compatibility (Historic)


The following table shows an overview of historic Eloquence versions, their release dates and associated operating platforms. Note that all those versions have long passed their respective end-of-support dates. The purpose of this table is merely to track the history of former Eloquence releases.

Eloquence HP-UX Windows Linux
Version Released 7.x 8.x 9.x 10.x 11.0 11i NT 4.0 2000/XP /2003 libc5 glibc 2.0 glibc 2.1 glibc 2.2
B.06.32 Feb. 2003       x x x   x   x x x
A.06.31 July 2001       x x   x x x x x x
A.06.30 Mar. 2000       x x   x x x x    
A.06.20 Feb. 1999       x x   x   x x    
A.06.10 May 1998     (x) x x   x   x      
A.06.01 Feb. 1998     (x) x x   x   x      
A.06.00 Sep. 1997     (x) x x   x   x      
A.05.20 April 1998     x x x              
A.05.12 July 1996     x x                
A.05.11 May 1996     x x                
A.05.10 Feb. 1996     x x                
A.05.02 June 1995     x (x)                
A.05.01 Feb. 1995     x                  
A.05.00 June 1994     x                  
A.04.00 - A.04.04 1993-1994   x x                  
A.03.14 - A.03.19 1993-1994   x x                  
A.03.10 - A.03.13 1992-1993 x x x                  
A.03.00 - A.03.05 1991 x x x                  


  • x - Formerly supported configuration

Historic HP Eloquence product numbers

  • B1367A, B1368A - HP Eloquence A.03.00 - A.03.19
  • B1367B, B1368B - HP Eloquence A.04.00 - A.05.11
  • B1368B - HP Eloquence A.05.12 and above


  • Eloquence versions below A.05.12 are not Y2K compliant.

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