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TurboIMAGE compatibility extension

  The Eloquence TurboIMAGE compatibility extension (IMAGE3K) is an optional Eloquence component which implements a HP e3000 TurboIMAGE compatible interface for the Eloquence database. While not 100% compatible it is close so HP e3000 applications can be ported to the Eloquence database with no or only minor changes.

The Eloquence database is based on IMAGE and the TurboIMAGE compatiblity does not result in a performance impact. Additional features of the Eloquence database include:

  • Integrated indexing capabilities.
  • We do not use hashing. So there are no "migrating secondaries" and no set level locking is required in order to add or delete an entry from a master set.
  • Capacity is no longer relevant. The Eloquence database grows dynamically when required (including master data sets).
  • Additional locking capabilities.
  • Comprehensive set of database utilities including structural maintenance.
  • Multiplatform (HP-UX, Windows NT/2000, Linux).
  • Network transparent.
  • Dynamic, nested transactions, transaction isolation (uncommitted changes are not visible to other processes).
  • Deadlock detection and recovery.
  • On-line backup.
  • Enhanced security subsystem.

For more information on Eloquence and TurboIMAGE compatiblity please refer to these documents:

  Introduction to Eloquence
  Eloquence TurboIMAGE compatibility

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