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Eloquence [Patch] News March 2009


Eloquence B.07.10 Patch Bundle B090130 available

This patch bundle combines all recommended Eloquence 7.10 patches as of February 2009 into a single archive file, which is convenient to download and install (compared to dealing with all the patches individually).

Applying the patch bundle is advisable for new 7.10 installations as well as for proactive patching of existing 7.10 environments. It provides numerous fixes for known issues and also includes many enhancements ported back from the 8.0 release.

User visible changes are summarized in the patch bundle release notes (see link below). Examples include case-insensitive indexes, database server replication, fwaudit enhancements and the fwutil library, as well as changes for security, performance and image3k compatibility and enhancements to eloqcore, WebDLG, Odbc.DLL, the eqstart utility and the Eloquence IDE on Windows.

Note that installing an Eloquence patch bundle will overwrite any conflicting files that were installed by a superseding patch. So any newer patches must be re-installed after installing the patch bundle.

This specifically applies if you have installed the PE71-0802151 beta patch (or one of its predecessors) to use the eloqcore MEMSIZE enhancement.

For more info on 7.10 patches and the recent patch bundle visit:

Recommended patches for Eloquence B.08.00 updated

We have recently updated the list of recommended patches for the Eloquence 8.0 version. The associated web page currently references patches for the eloqdb server, as well as for fwaudit and eloqcore.

The database server patch provides fixes for several issues, some of them being considered critical. For example, a memory leak and a few corner case issues that might result in database server crashes or incomplete forward logs being written.

Applying the patches is advisable for new 8.0 installations as well as for proactive patching of existing 8.0 environments.

Note that the eloqcore patch PE80-0901220 is Linux specific and that the fwaudit patch PE80-0812230 is not available for Windows because the fix is already included in the Eloquence 8.0 release for Windows (which was created when Eloquence 8.0 for HP-UX and Linux were already released).

For more info on the recommended 8.0 patches and visit:

Eloquence B.08.00 for 32-bit/64-bit Windows available

The Eloquence 8.0 version was initially released for the HP-UX and Linux platforms only. It is now also available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems (x86 and x64 architectures, respectively).

Please visit the Release Notes for details on new features and enhancements, as well as installation instructions for Windows.

When downloading and installing, make sure to also visit the patch web page to include recommended patches, specifically the eloqdb server patch that provides a number of fixes, some of them being considered critical.

For more info on Eloquence 8.0 for all available platforms visit:

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