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Eloquence B.08.20 Webinars in June 2012

  Marxmeier Software AG will be giving two webinars in June 2012 to provide you with details on new features and enhancements of the upcoming Eloquence B.08.20 release.

Mark your calendars. Save the dates.

Webinar 1 on June 11 focused on the Eloquence database

We discussed FTS concepts, use cases and benefits and showed practical examples of setting up full text indexes and using them in your application without the need for extensive code changes.

Presentation slides database (PDF)

Webinar 2 on June 25 focused on Eloquence programming language and tools

We discussed enhancements to the eloqcore language, including classes, objects, methods and the flexible dynamic auto-loading of code and other resources.

We also showed examples of the new eqpcl utility for generating PDF (or Postscript) output from your PCL applications. In addition, we discussed and showed enhancements in the GUI area, such as the new AJAX enabled WEBDLG.

Presentation slides language (PDF)
Presentation slides DLG (PDF)

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