4 Installing Eloquence on the Linux platform

Configuring Eloquence on Linux

Your system might require additional configuration after the initial installation of the Eloquence software:

Configure or verify service names and port numbers

You may want to verify the service names and port numbers added to your /etc/services file during installation are appropriate.

In your /etc/services file should be entries like below. Please make sure the specified port numbers are available on your system:

eloqsd    8100/tcp    # Eloquence A.06.00 eloqsd server
eloqdb    8102/tcp    # Eloquence A.06.00 eloqdb6 server
eloqdb5   8104/tcp    # Eloquence A.06.00 eloqdb5 server
runsrv    8010/tcp    # Eloquence RunSRV (Windows)
where the first column specifies the service name (eg. eloqsd) and the second column the associated port number and protocol (eg. 8100/tcp). The selected port numbers may not already be in use by another programs.

You may want to define the Eloquence specific service names in your /etc/services file (if you are using NIS it is probably required to do this on the NIS master server). This is optional, as you can specify the port number directly instead of a service name.

Install the license key

Add the supplied license keys to the /etc/opt/eloquence6/license file. We recommend that you comment out any existing license keys.

If a temporary license was created during installation this step may be skipped and the permanent license added later.

If the Personal Edition license should be used this step is not necessary as the PE license key is included in the default license template file.

The /opt/eloquence6/etc/chklic utility may be used to verify the license file.

Configure automatic startup/shutdown

The Eloquence server processes may be configured to start automatically by default if runlevel 2 is entered (after a reboot or single user mode) and shut down automatically on reboot.

The automatic server startup is configured in the Eloquence startup configuration file /etc/rc.config.d/eloquence6. Please refer to the next section for details

Create new users and groups for use with Eloquence

It is strongly recommended to run the eloqdb6 server and the eloqsd server with a dedicated user and group.

Eloquence Installation and Configuration - 29 OCT 2004