4 Installing Eloquence on the Linux platform

Installing Eloquence Patches

Eloquence patches are provided to either fix a defect or limitation that was found after release and/or to add new functionality.

For proper operation of the Eloquence software, it is important that the recent patches are installed. For this purpose, a patch bundle is provided which can be used to conveniently install all recommended patches at once.

The /B0700/patch/bundle directory on the CD-ROM media contains the current Eloquence patch bundle at the time of compilation. The individual Eloquence patch files are contained in the /B0700/patch directory.

To find out about the most recent patches, please visit the Eloquence web site at:

NOTE: Installation of the "recommended" set of Eloquence patches is strongly recommended and may be required for correct product function.

Installation instructions

To install a patch or a patch bundle you need to uncompress and unpack it with tar. Installation requires root privileges.

cd /opt/eloquence6
tar xzf /path/to/PE70-<id>-linux-<arch>.tar.gz
where <id> is the patch id (such as 0304041) and <arch> is the patch architecture
(such as glibc2.2). The architecture should be equivalent to the Eloquence distribution that was installed initially.

The following architectures are supported with Eloquence B.07.00:

Linux patches include a README file that is placed in the share/doc subdirectory for later reference.

Eloquence Installation and Configuration - 29 OCT 2004