3 Installing Eloquence on Windows

Patch installation

Eloquence patches are provided to either fix a defect or limitation that was found after release and/or to add new functionality.

For proper operation of the Eloquence software, it is important that the recent patches are installed. For this purpose, a patch bundle is provided which can be used to conveniently install all recommended patches at once.

The \B0700\patch\bundle directory on the CD-ROM media contains the current Eloquence patch bundle at the time of compilation.

Please note that Eloquence patch bundles do not contain special components such as the IDE. These are covered by the individual Eloquence patches contained in the \B0700\patch directory on the CD-ROM media.

To find out about the most recent patches, please visit the Eloquence web site at:

NOTE: Installation of the "recommended" set of Eloquence patches is strongly recommended and may be required for correct product function.

On Windows, Eloquence patches and patch bundles are self-extracting executables which install automatically when executed.

For later reference, each patch installs a README file into the share\doc installation subdirectory (for example C:\Program Files\Eloquence\share\doc). The patch installation executables allow to view the README file before the patch is installed.

Eloquence Installation and Configuration - 29 OCT 2004