2 Installing Eloquence on the HP-UX platform

Installation on HP-UX

Eloquence B.07.00 on the HP-UX platform requires HP-UX release 10.20 (HP9000, PA-RISC) or HP-UX 11.23 (HP Integrity, Itanium) or later and is installed in the /opt/eloquence6 directory.

Eloquence is installed and updated using the swinstall operating system utility.

The Eloquence installation archives may be obtained from a CD-ROM media or downloaded from the Internet. The installation procedure with both versions is the same once swinstall is started.

Installing from CD-ROM media

As "superuser" follow the steps below to install the Eloquence software.

mount -F cdfs -o rr /dev/dsk/c0t0d0 /cdrom

For previous HP-UX versions that don't support the "Rock Ridge" extensions, a command line like below may be used

mount -F cdfs -o cdcase /dev/dsk/c0t0d0 /cdrom

where /dev/dsk/c0t0d0 is the device file associated with the CD-ROM drive and
/cdrom is the directory where the CD-ROM should be mounted. Please refer to the mount_cdfs(1M) man page for more information.

The Eloquence software for the HP-UX platform is in the B0700/hpux subdirectory.

* Eloquence-B0700-1.depot - PA-RISC 1.1 based systems

* Eloquence-B0700-1-pa20.depot - PA-RISC 2.0 based systems

* Eloquence-B0700-1-ia64.depot - Itanium based systems

/usr/sbin/swinstall -s /cdrom/B0700/hpux/Eloquence-B0700-1.depot

where /cdrom is the directory where the cdrom is mounted.

NOTE: Because HP-UX versions before 11.11 do not support the Rock-Ridge CD-ROM extensions all file names are lower case (if mounted with the cdcase option) and files may have an extra dot (.) at the end. However file names in this document are listed in mixed case.

Download Installation

Eloquence can be downloaded from the Eloquence web site at:

Download the appropriate version of Eloquence for your HP-UX system

Eloquence installation files downloaded from the Eloquence ftp server are compressed with gzip and must be uncompressed before installation.

As "superuser" follow the steps below to install the Eloquence software.

gzip -d Eloquence-B0700-1-pa20.depot.gz

This unpacks Eloquence-B0700-1-pa20.depot.gz to Eloquence-B0700-1-pa20.depot. The compressed archive file is deleted.

/usr/sbin/swinstall -s /tmp/Eloquence-B0700-1-pa20.depot

where /tmp/Eloquence-B0700-1-pa20.depot is the the absolute path of the Eloquence-B0700-1-pa20.depot file.

Using swinstall

By default, swinstall should display the "top" level options ("Bundles and Products"). The following options are available:


Installs the base product


Installs the base product and a temporary license key which is valid for a period of four weeks. Please note that a temporary license key can only be installed once per system


Installs all components (including temporary license key)

Alterntively, the "View - Change Software View - Start with Products" menu option selects the "Products" view in swinstall which allows to select single Eloquence product options.

The Eloquence product supports the following options:


The Eloquence base product


Install a temporary license key

To install the Eloquence software, follow the directions below:

Eloquence Installation and Configuration - 29 OCT 2004