2 Installing Eloquence on the HP-UX platform

Installation Overview

This chapter describes the installation of the Eloquence product on the HP-UX platform, the configuration of the HP-UX operating system and the configuration of the Eloquence software on HP-UX.

Please read the Eloquence release notes before installing or upgrating Eloquence as the release notes may include additional or more recent information.

Eloquence B.07.00 on the HP-UX platform requires the following HP-UX versions:

Eloquence B.07.00 provides different versions for HP-UX based systems:

NOTE: You may use SAM to identify the CPU in your HP-UX system. Please select the Performance Monitors -> System Properties function. If the "CPU version" specifies PA 8000 or greater you have a PA-RISC 2.0 based system. A PA 7XXX CPU designates a PA-RISC 1.1 based system.

Updating from previous Eloquence versions

If you are updating from a previous Eloquence revision, there are some special considerations which should be taken into.

Eloquence Installation and Configuration - 29 OCT 2004