Eloquence Dialog Manual

1 Eloquence Dialog System

Eloquence provides two Dialog Systems. The semigraphical one, based on "Curses", which runs on Terminals and on PC Terminalemulators. This one is integrated in Eloquence. The graphical user intrface uses the ISA Dialog Manager runtime library and supports the Windows and Motif platform. This manual covers both user interfaces and so the manual is splited into three parts: - the common parts of both systems - semigraphical specials - graphical specials

Both Dialog Systems consist of two parts each. A runtime and a development system. The runtime system is controlled via the DLG API. It can create and manipulate the dialog by executing commands getting from the API, or creating a dialog by reading a definitionsfile. The ASCII DLG runtime system is included in Eloquence, exactly in the "eloqcore" program. The DM runtime system can be a separat program, if running on a client system. The definitionsfile has to be created with the development system. The ASCII DLG development system is simply a text editor. The Dialog Manager provide a graphical editor to create the definitionsfile. This file is also an plain text file, so it can be created and maintained with an text editor, too.

Chapter contents:

Object Path
Object Classes
API (Application Programming Interface)

Eloquence Dialog Manual - 19 DEC 2002