Eloquence Dialog Manual

Printing History

The manual printing date indicates its current edition. The printing date will change when a new edition is printed. Minor changes may be made at reprint without changing the printing date. New editions are complete revisions of the manual.The dates on the title page change only when a new edition or a new update is published.

Manual updates may be issued between editions to correct errors or document product changes. Manuals that are published on the Eloquence website (eloquence.marxmeier.com/doc) may be updated more often, please visit this website periodically for the most recent versions. To ensure that you receive the updated or new editions, you should also subscribe to the appropriate product support service.

The software code printed alongside the date indicates the version level of the software product at the time the manual or update was issued. Many product updates and fixes do not require manual changes and, conversely, manual corrections may be done without accompanying product changes. Therefore, do not expect a one to one correspondence between product updates and manual updates.

First Edition A.04.00
Second EditionJanuary 1997A.06.00
Third EditionOctober 1997A.06.00
Fourth Edition (E1202)December 2002B.06.32

Printed in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Eloquence Dialog Manual - 19 DEC 2002