4 Installing Eloquence on the Linux platform

Installation Overview

This chapter describes the installation of the Eloquence product on the Linux platform and the configuration of the Eloquence software on Linux.

Please read the Eloquence release notes before installing or upgrating Eloquence as the release notes may include additional or more recent information.

Eloquence B.07.00 on the Linux platform requires a glibc 2.x based Linux distribution and has been tested against SuSE Linux and RedHat Linux distributions. It supports SuSE Linux versions 7.0 or newer and RedHat Linux versions 7.0 or newer. Eloquence is not distribution specific and other Linux distributions are expected to work as well but have not been tested.

Eloquence B.07.00 provides different versions for Linux based systems:

Updating from previous Eloquence versions

If you are updating from a previous Eloquence revision, there are some special considerations which should be taken into.

NOTE: Any previous HP Eloquence product (B1368B) must be uninstalled before Eloquence can be installed. A rpm update is not possible. Please refer to the section Updating from a previous HP Eloquence version below for details.

Eloquence B.07.00 license

Eloquence B.07.00 requires a license key version B.07.00 or above. For a new Eloquence installation or when upgrading from a previous Eloquence version a new license key must be obtained to use the Eloquence server components.

If you are using the commercial Eloquence version, please request the appropriate license key before updating Eloquence. Currently, no temporary license key is generated on the Linux platform during installation.

The default license file includes a license key for the Eloquence Personal Edition.

The new license key can be requested by either submitting the Form enclosed with your Eloquence software delivery or on-line at the Eloquence web site:

Please comment out any previous entries when adding the new B.07.00 license key to the license file /etc/opt/eloquence6/license. Otherwise the new license may not be recognized and chklic might output a message like below:

B.06.32: Bad license key revision.
Duplicate sequence number: Ignoring license

Eloquence Installation and Configuration - 29 OCT 2004