9 Output Operations


The POPUP BOX function will superimpose a box on your screen and wait for user response.


   POPUP BOX [xpos,ypos,] Image_def [,Return]

   Image_def: "[Heading] [textlines|...|...][button1|...]"

   POPUP BOX "[Heading][Text line #1|Text line #2][YES|NO ]"

   |   HEADING    |     <- header
   |              |
   | Text line #1 |     <- text
   | Text line #2 |
   |              |
   | [YES] [NO ]  |     <- "buttons"
This box consists of 3 parts:

output in reverse
up to 19 text lines separated by "|" character (header and text together can be up to 20 characters.)
up to 5 buttons separated by "|" character
Header and text is optional and can be empty.


are optional. If the are omitted, the box is centered on the screen. If


is <= 0 then this value will be ignored and default will be used.

You have to specify at least one "button". The user can select a "button" in several ways:

If you specify the return variable it's possible to preset the default button (0 = 1st, 1 = 1st, 2 = 2nd). The user's choice will be returned in this variable.

You will get ERRORS 870 to 875 if you specify an invalid box position or an invalid box "image".

NOTE: The screen buffer will be saved and restored. Program execution will be suspended until user selects a "button". In BACKGROUND, the default button will be selected.

NOTE: When the ".driver" attribute is set, the POPUP BOX is mapped to a dialog window.

Eloquence Language Manual - 19 DEC 2002