The Eloquence Development Environment

Menus and Toolbars

Toolbars are intended to provide accelerated access to common used function. Instead of navigating through the menu bar, you can execute them with a single mouse click. They provide a graphical representation of the associated function. The toolbar actually consists of toolbar windows which contain the actual toolbar buttons. Each toolbar window can be

The File Menu

The File menu consists of three section:
  1. File operations
  2. Print functions
  3. The "Most Recent Used" (MRU) file list. The last recently accessed 4 files are recorded here.

The File Toolbar

The File toolbar provides access to file operations and basic file editing routines.

The Edit Menu

The Edit menu provides access to edit functions.

The Edit Toolbar

The Edit toolbar provides access to advanced edit operations.

The Attributes Toolbar

The Attributes toolbar provides access to program character attribute functions:

These buttons work on a selection. When an area is selected, the status of the buttons reflect the enhancements in the selected area. When chaning the button state, the selected area is changed.

This Toolbar is only active, when editing a program document with the HP Roman8 characterset.

The View Menu

The View Toolbar

All buttons in the View toolbar act as toggle buttons. They toggle the visibility of the associated Tool Window. When the corresponding window is visible, the button is displayed depressed, when it is hidden, it is displayed in normal state.

The following toolbar buttons are available:

The Program Menu

The Program Toolbar

The Program toolbar window is intended to provide convinient access to important functions for program development and debugging.

The Window Menu

The Window menu consists of two sections:
  1. The window layout functions
  2. The MDI Window list. This list holds all child windows. Selecting an entry will bring the correspondig window on top.

The Window Toolbar

The Window toolbar provides access to window management and layout functions.

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