The Eloquence Development Environment

Document Properties

The Document Properties dialog is used to configure the settings for the current document or the current view.

A view is a different window providing another view on a document. You can have any number of concurrent views for a document. Views are either provided in a separate window (in which case you can define separate properties for this view) or in the same window if the window has been tiled.

The Document Properties dialog can be accessed by selecting the Document Properties menu item from the Edit menu pane or by pressing the associated accelerator keys ALT+RETURN.

The Properties dialog is provides several sections, which can be accessed by selecting the corresponding tab at the top of the dialog window.

File Settings


This dialog pane is used to assign the file mode and code page.

The following file modes are available:

The following code pages are available: Please note, that the Eloquence editor only changes the character set mapping (i.e. how a character is displayed), it does not change the existing file contents. So it does not cause any problem to switch the code page at any time. Any character entered is however mapped according to the selected code page.

Mode Switches

Enable Auto-Save
When checked, the Auto-Save feature is enabled for this document.

When checked, no modifications can be applied to the window.

Set or change password

With Eloquence A.06.00, program files can be password-protected. In order to use this function, the file mode must be adjusted to "Eloquence A.06.00 Program File". This will enable an additional push button which serves to set or change the password for the current file.

For further reference, please refer to the section Working with password-protected files.

The following dialog is used to set or change the password:

Old Password
If this program file has already a password assigned, it must be entered here before a new password can be set. If the file has no password assigned yet, this field is disabled.

New Password
The new password must be entered twice, both values must match. If you want to remove an already existing password, just leave both fields "New Password" and "Confirm New Password" empty.

Editor settings

This dialog pane is used to define how the editor works on files.


This indicates the current file mode (program or text file).

Tab Stops

The tab stop settings are used to define the tab positions. Eloquence supports two different tab settings: For Eloquence programs, these settings are used to define the statement indent and structural indention.

Cursor Shapes

You can define the cursor shape the be used in the editor window for insert and overwrite mode:

Mode Switches

This defines the default editor mode.

Program settings

This dialog pane is used to define the program file settings.


The edit settings are used to define the behavior of the editor when working with the current program file:


The compile settings define how the compiler acts on the current program file: File settings Editor settings Program editor settings
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