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B.08.30 / Release Notes

Eloquence B.08.30 Release Notes (preliminary)

Welcome to the B.08.30 test release

Eloquence B.08.30 is currently in beta test stage and has not yet been released for production use. A production release is expected to be available in Q3/2018.

By making beta test versions available we hope to encourage wider testing. Please contact support@marxmeier.com to share your feedback or report a problem.

  • This test release is available under the terms of the Eloquence Beta Test Agreement http://eloquence.marxmeier.com/download/beta/B0830/AGREEMENT

  • Downloading and installing the software indicates your agreement to the Beta Test terms and conditions.

  • This test release may not meet the release criteria for quality or performance and is intended for test and non-critical use only.


The Eloquence B.08.30 release extends on the B.08.20 release and delivers improved efficiency and scalability as well as updated technologies.

Major changes include:

Installation and Upgrade

Please refer to the Eloquence B.08.30 installation documents below for an overview of Eloquence installation and platform specific details, as well as information on updated License Keys.


Eloquence B.08.30 is upwards compatible with previous Eloquence versions.

A database created with B.08.30 should not be used with previous Eloquence releases. However, it is supported to move databases to older releases when no new functionality is used. Please notice that creating additional FTS indexes (or re-creating existing ones) with B.08.30 enables an enhancement for FTS keywords with a large number of references. This is currently not supported by the previous Eloquence releases and requires rebuilding any FTS indexes created with B.08.30.


Eloquence B.08.30 includes or makes use of several third party and open source projects. Details can be found in the following document:

Beta changes

The Beta Changes Document lists some user visible changes introduced in the beta cycle.

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