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Eloquence B.06.32 release notes


Previous changes in HP Eloquence A.06.xx

This document covers some changes in previous HP Eloquence A.06.xx versions which are not yet fully incorporated in the documentation yet.

The historic HP Eloquence documentation and release notes are available on the Eloquence web site.
Eloquence documentation archive


HP Eloquence A.06.31 was released in July 2001.


HP Eloquence A.06.30 was released in March 2000.
  • Enhanced numeric precision with REAL numbers
    Precision of REAL numbers has been enhanced from 12 to 14 digits.

  • Modified lock handling during transactions
    When using database locks and transactions an unlock is now delayed until the database transaction is finished (either committed or rolled back). This makes it easier to adopt database transactions with existing software and avoids possible interactions between transactions and database locks by applications which may result in a deadlock.


HP Eloquence A.06.20 was released in February 1999.


HP Eloquence A.06.10 was released in May 1998.


HP Eloquence A.06.00 was released in 1997.

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