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TurboIMAGE compatibility

  The Eloquence TurboIMAGE compatibility extension (IMAGE3K) is an optional Eloquence component which implements a HP e3000 TurboIMAGE compatible interface for the Eloquence database.


  introduction to eloquence
  order information and pricing

If you have any question or would like to discuss your specific requirements please feel free to contact us by email at info@marxmeier.com .


The documents referenced below describe the steps to evaluate Eloquence with the TurboIMAGE compatibility option.

We encourage you to install the Eloquence B.07.10 release along with the most recent patches.

  getting started
  getting started (Windows platform specifics)
  obtaining a license key
  database migration
  trouble shooting
  linking Eloquence to the Acucobol runtime (HP-UX for now)

If you need assistance or encounter a problem please use our Eloquence feeback form to submit a problem report or send an email message to support@marxmeier.com.


The documents below refer to the Eloquence B.07.10 release.

  Eloquence reference documentation
  Eloquence TurboIMAGE compatibility
  Eloquence QUERY3K utility
  Eloquence database migration
  Eloquence MPE/iX Client Library

An Eloquence online training is available from the HP e3000 transition training program and can be downloaded in PDF format.

  Introduction to the Eloquence database (Slides and Notes, PDF, 3.1MB)
  Eloquence Workshop, Student guide (PDF, 0.5 MB)

  additional resources

The links below refer to other documents of the Eloquence web site which might be of interest.

  eloquence export file format eloquence export file format
  eloquence database performance tuning eloquence database performance tuning
  eloquence database backup eloquence database backup
  database structural maintenance database structural maintenance

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