5 Database Utilities

The dbvolcreate utility


The Eloquence databases are stored in a database environment. This environment consists of database volume files and a server configuration. This database environment must be created before the Eloquence database server can be started.

The dbvolcreate statement creates the main database volume and initializes the system catalog.

dbvolcreate [options] volume_file_name


Specifying the -v option will cause dbvolcreate to output additional information during processing.
-d flags
Set debug flags. This is used to debug dbvolcreate and is normally not used.
-c cfg
Specifies the server configuration file name.
-s size
Initial size (in MB) of the volume to be created. The default size is 2.5 MB (which is also the minimum size).
-e size
Extension size (in MB). When the volume is getting full it will be extended of size MB. If size is 0, the volume will not be extended automatically by the server. The default size is 1 MB.
-m size
Maximum volume size (in MB).
The volume will be created with this name.

Eloquence Database Manual - 19 DEC 2002