Managing Open Windows

The text editor features options that control the display of source windows. You can switch between windows, open new windows and split window views.

To switch to a source window

To create a new window for an open source file

  1. Switch to the source window.
  2. From the Window menu, choose the New Window command. A second copy of the source file is displayed with an :n suffix. As you open more windows on the source file, the value of n increases. You can scroll and split each window independently. You can make changes to the source file from any window.

Note When you first open a file, if you select the Read Only check box in the Explorer Window, the current window and any duplicates of the window remain read only.

To split a source window

All files are automatically closed when you quit the Eloquence Development Environment (you will be prompted to save any changed files). You can also close any individual source file without quitting the application.

To close a source file

  1. Switch to the source window.
  2. From the File menu, choose Close to close the active window and any additional views of the window.
    - or -
    If the window is not maximized, double-click the window’s Control-menu box. When you double-click the Control-menu box, the window is closed, but additional views of the document remain open.

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