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Plugin interface

  Document revision: 2022-08-15
Refers to WEBDLG2 version: PE83-2207080 (beta version 57)

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The plugin interface allows to extend WEBDLG2 with customized user interface elements. A plugin consists of Javascript code (functionality) and CSS rules (visual appearance).

Please note:

The current plugin interface API is considered preliminary. When final, detailed documentation will be published here.

The Datepicker plugin example demonstrates the implementation of a datepicker object class.

The datepicker displays a specified date or the current date in the representation of the current locale. It provides an integrated calendar to conveniently modify the date.

date : string, get/set
The date is set or returned in a format as specified by the format attribute (see below).
By default (if the date is not set), the datepicker displays the current date.
format : string, get/set
The format used to set or get the date. The format string is parsed for special letters which are replaced by the date components as documented below:

Format Date Component Example
yyyy Year 2022
yy Year 22
MM Month in year 04 (April)
M Month in year 4 (April)
dd Day in month 01
d Day in month 1

The default format is dd.MM.yyyy.

HP-UX, Linux
Download: webdlg2-datepicker.220308.tgz

Installation (as superuser):

cd /directory/in/web/server/document/hierarchy
tar xzf /path/to/webdlg2-datepicker.220308.tgz
Download: webdlg2-datepicker.220308.zip

Please unpack the webdlg2-datepicker.220308.zip contents into the web server document hierarchy.

The datepicker plugin example consists of the files webdlg-datepicker.js (Javascript code) and webdlg-datepicker.css (CSS rules). To use the plugin in your WEBDLG2 applications, integrate these files into the HTML documents, for example:

<script async
<link href="/path/to/webdlg-datepicker.css"
      rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

As shown here, using the <script async> attribute is recommended to avoid that the script potentially delays loading the document (1).

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