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Windows Platform Installation Notes

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The Eloquence B.07.00 installation program is based on the Microsoft Windows Installer and thus complies to the Microsoft Windows XP and 2000 requirements.

It supports Windows XP, 2000 and NT 4 as well as Windows 95/98/ME.


The Microsoft Windows Installer is a system component initially shipped with Windows 2000. It interoperates with so-called MSI files which are actually databases holding all information about any installed product. Therefore, the Windows Installer is always aware about all installed software on the system and the several components installed with any software. This makes it easy to keep the system in a clean state. Additionally, the Windows Installer can take the necessary steps to repair a particular installation or to uninstall a particular product.

Eloquence B.07.00 provides the eq70.msi file which holds the installation database. The components to be installed are divided into separate archives which are laid-out in a compressed format. The contents of the archives are listed below.

On Windows XP and 2000, the eq70.msi file is sufficient to start the installation: just double-click the eq70.msi file. There is no need for a separate setup.exe program as with former installations.

However, for Windows NT 4 or Windows 95/98/ME, the appropriate Windows Installer engine might not be present on your machine yet. For this purpose we provide a setup.exe which first installs the appropriate Windows Installer engine on your system and then launches the Eloquence B.07.00 installation.

The Windows Installer engine for Windows NT 4 is contained in a file named instmsiw.exe. The name of the file containing the engine for Windows 95/98/ME is instmsia.exe. Both can be manually started to install the appropriate engine on your system, but this is normally done automatically by setup.exe for convenience.

Contents of the archive files

The archive files represent the different Eloquence B.07.00 components. Each archive is self-contained. The installation program lets you choose which components are to be installed.

Due to a limitation in the Microsoft Windows Installer implementation the archives have short DOS 8.3 file names. The suggested long names are indicated in addition.

By default, all components except the manuals are installed. However, you can manually select which components you want to install.

Installation instructions

  1. On Windows XP, 2000 or NT please log-on as Administrator before you install Eloquence (Windows "Power-User" privileges are sufficient).

  2. If you already have Eloquence installed:

  3. Now start the setup.exe installation launcher program.

    On Windows XP, 2000 or NT you have the choice to install a temporary server license if Eloquence B.07.00 is installed for the first time. This option is enabled by default. You can deselect this option manually if you don't want to install the temporary server license now. Later, you can use the Software applet in the Windows Control Panel to modify your Eloquence B.07.00 installation which will allow you to install the temporary license subsequently.

  4. After installation on Windows XP, 2000 or NT a B.07.xx license key is required in order to use the Eloquence server components. During installation a temporary license key is generated on demand which is valid until 30 days after installation.

    Please visit the Eloquence Web site at http://www.marxmeier.com/eloquence/license for details about obtaining a permanent Eloquence license key.

    Your license file is located in the etc subdirectory of your Eloquence installation, for example at C:\Program Files\Eloquence\etc\license.

    Please comment out any previous license key when adding the new B.07.xx license key to your license file. Otherwise the new license may not be recognized and chklic might output the following messages:

       B.06.32: Bad license key revision.
       Duplicate sequence number: Ignoring license

    If you're using the Eloquence Personal Edition, please use the license template file license.sam, it contains an updated license key for the Eloquence Personal Edition.

    The license.sam file is located in the etc subdirectory of your Eloquence installation and should be copied into the license file located in the same directory.

Updating your existing Eloquence software

If your existing Eloquence software is version B.06.32 or above it will be uninstalled automatically. The new version will be installed into the existing installation directory. This will preserve your configuration files.

If you however have HP Eloquence A.06.31 or below installed please note:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Eloquence B.07.00 server components require a new license key. Previous A.06.xx and B.06.xx license keys do not work anymore. To migrate your existing license, first install the temporary license, then visit the Eloquence Web site at http://www.marxmeier.com/eloquence/license to obtain a new license key.

Changes to previous Eloquence installations

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