Eloquence Report Manual

B Error Messages

The BEGIN REPORT statement does not reference a report header. You should check the line id specified in the parameter and the line id of the line containing the REPORT HEADER statement.
A BEGIN REPORT statement was encountered when the Eloquence Report Writer was already active. The BEGIN REPORT statement must be outside the execution loop.
An END REPORT DESCRIPTION statement is missing as a terminator to the description section. This error may occur when the BEGIN REPORT is executed. If the description section precedes the execution section, the Eloquence Report Writer reads the header statement then skips over any statements until the END REPORT DESCRIPTION statement. If it is missing, this error will occur. You should check the program listing carefully. Every REPORT HEADER statement must have a corresponding END REPORT DESCRIPTION statement.
A duplicate description section statement has been encountered. You should check that the level number of each header, trailer or break statement is not duplicated. All other description statements can only be used once in a description section.
The number of blank lines in the PAGE LENGTH statement is invalid. This number must be a non-negative integer and may not exceed page length minus 1.
Expression in a statement evaluates to an unacceptable value. The acceptable values for each expression can be found in the appropriate chapter.
A GRAND TOTALS ON or TOTALS ON is improperly positioned in the description section. These statements must immediately follow the header statement. Only one totals statement is allowed per header.
A. An Eloquence Report Writer operation was requested while a report was not active. B. An END REPORT statement was not executed before a subprogram terminated.
Effective page size is less than three lines. Effective page size is the number of blank lines plus the number of lines required for the page header and page trailer subtracted from the page length.
Invalid execution of a description section statement. This may be caused by a description section statement not being within the description section, or by the program branching into the description section.
Insufficient space for printed output within the current printer page. Most likely caused because the WITH number LINES parameter was too small for a header, trailer, or detail line.
Left margin specified is less than one or greater than the current printer width - 1, or is greater than 132.
A character string in BREAK WHEN control variable has a length greater than was found at the execution fo a BEGIN REPORT. Refer to BREAK WHEN in page 15 for a description of the control variable and its length.
A DETAIL LINE statement may not appear within the report description section.
The level parameter is out of range for an Eloquence Report Writer statement. Level must be from zero to nine.
TOTALS ON or GRAND TOTALS ON statement is not active for the level requested. A TOTAL or AVG function refers to a level which has no GRAND TOTALS ON or TOTALS ON statement.
The sequence parameter is out of range for GRAND TOTALS ON or TOTALS ON statement at the level requested.
The WITH number LINES parameter is a header, trailer, or detail line is greater than effective page size or is negative.
The OLDCV function references a level which has no corresponding break level.
The OLDCV function does not match the data types for the control variable in a BREAK WHEN statement at the level requested. You should check that the level specified is correct and check the data types of the control variable.
The PRINTER IS statement may not be executed while the Eloquence Report Writer is active.
Eloquence Report Writer statement may not be used recursively.
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