Eloquence Report Manual

4 Functions

The Eloquence Report Writer keeps track of totals, page numbers, line numbers, break conditions and the number of detail and breaks executed. These values can be accessed through the Eloquence Report Writer functions.

Eloquence Report Writer functions may be accessed by any subprogram and/or function internal to the program that initiated the current report by executing a BEGIN REPORT statement.

In page 65 , an example report program and resultant report are given. Many of the examples are taken from this report. Note that the example is on a fold out page to allow for better referencing while you read.

Chapter contents:

The AVG Function
The TOTAL Function
The NUMDETAIL Function
The NUMBREAK Function
The OLDCV Function
The NUMPAGE Function
The NUMLINE function
The LAST BREAK Function
The RWINFO Function

Eloquence Report Manual - 19 DEC 2002