9 Output Operations

Audible Output (BEEP)

The BEEP statement creates a brief audible tone which can be used in a number of ways. The syntax is as follows:


BEEP can signal that a particular computation or program segment is complete. It can also be used to audibly indicate that the computer is ready for input, so that the operator does not have to remain at the keyboard.

Here is an example:

250  FOR I=1 TO 25
260    BEEP
270    INPUT "ENTER VALUE:";Value(I)
280  NEXT I
In this case, a beep signals the operator when the program is ready for input. Another practical use for BEEP is to signal the operator when a data-entry error occurs.

As another example, here is a musical sequence to signal the end of a program:

10   FOR Beep=1 TO 7
20     READ Delay
30     WAIT Delay*10
40     BEEP
50   NEXT Beep
60   DATA 80,40,15,15,40,80,40
70   END

Eloquence Language Manual - 19 DEC 2002