A Reference Tables

ASCII Character Codes

Graphic Binary Equivalent Decimal Character Equivalent Description
 000000000NULL (null)
 000000011SOH (start of heading)
 000000102STX (start of text)
 000000113ETX (end of text)
 000001004EOT (end of transmission)
 000001015ENQ (enquiry)
 000001106ACK (acknowledge)
 000001117BEL (bell)
 000010008BS (backspace)
 000010019HT (horizontal tabulation)
 0000101010LF (line feed)
 0000101111VT (vertical tabulation)
 0000110012FF (form feed)
 0000110113CR (carriage return)
 0000111014SO (shift out)
 0000111115SI (shift in)
 0001000016DLE (data link escape)
 0001000117DC1 (device control 1 or X-ON)
 0001001018DC2 (device control 2)
 0001001119DC3 (device control 3 or X-OFF)
 0001010020DC4 (device control 4)
 0001010121NAK (negative acknowledge)
 0001011022SYN (synchronous idle)
 0001011123ETB (end of transmission block)
 0001100024CAN (cancel)
 0001100125EM (end of medium)
 0001101026SUB (substitute)
 0001101127ESC (escape)
 0001110028FS (file separator)
 0001110129GS (group separator)
 0001111030RS (record separator)
 0001111131US (unit separator)
!0010000133Exclamation point
 0010001034Quotation mark
#0010001135Number sign (hash mark)
$0010010036Dollar sign
%0010010137Percent sign
'0010011139Apostrophe (closing single quote)
(0010100040Opening parenthesis
)0010100141Closing parenthesis
-0010110145Hyphen (minus)
.0010111046Period (point)
/0010111147Slant (solidus)
<0011110060Less than sign
=0011110161Equal sign
>0011111062Greater than sign
?0011111163Question mark
@0100000064Commercial at
A0100000165Uppercase A
B0100001066Uppercase B
C0100001167Uppercase C
D0100010068Uppercase D
E0100010169Uppercase E
F0100011070Uppercase F
G0100011171Uppercase G
H0100100072Uppercase H
I0100100173Uppercase I
J0100101074Uppercase J
K0100101175Uppercase K
L0100110076Uppercase L
M0100110177Uppercase M
N0100111078Uppercase N
O0100111179Uppercase O
P0101000080Uppercase P
Q0101000181Uppercase Q
R0101001082Uppercase R
S0101001183Uppercase S
T0101010084Uppercase T
U0101010185Uppercase U
V0101011086Uppercase V
W0101011187Uppercase W
X0101100088Uppercase X
Y0101100189Uppercase Y
Z0101101090Uppercase Z
[0101101191Opening square bracket
\0101110092Reverse slant
]0101110193Closing square bracket
^0101111094Caret (circumflex)
_0101111195Underscore (low line)
'0110000096Opening single quote
a0110000197Lowercase a
b0110001098Lowercase b
c0110001199Lowercase c
d01100100100Lowercase d
e01100101101Lowercase e
f01100110102Lowercase f
g01100111103Lowercase g
h01101000104Lowercase h
i01101001105Lowercase i
j01101010106Lowercase j
k01101011107Lowercase k
l01101100108Lowercase l
m01101101109Lowercase m
n01101110110Lowercase n
o01101111111Lowercase o
p01110000112Lowercase p
q01110001113Lowercase q
r01110010114Lowercase r
s01110011115Lowercase s
t01110100116Lowercase t
u01110101117Lowercase u
v01110110118Lowercase v
w01110111119Lowercase w
x01111000120Lowercase x
y01111001121Lowercase y
z01111010122Lowercase z
{01111011123Opening brace (curly bracket)
|01111100124Vertical line
}01111101125Closing brace (curly bracket)
 01111111127Delete (rubout)

Eloquence Language Manual - 19 DEC 2002