15 Statement Flow Analyser


The sfagen program generates a SFA file out of a program file. In the SFA file is stored all information about how often each line was executed and how much elpsed time was used in the execution. This SFA file can be optionally updated every time the program starts.


sfagen [-v] name prog


sfagen AC* YSUBR

A file with extension .SFA is created. If an SFA file already exists, it will be overwritten. This way SFA files which are already full of data can be set to zero. This would be required to obtain a new reading after a program modification.

NOTE: Every time a program is modified a new SFA file must be created, otherwise the program is excluded from the analysis. This is achieved by a comparison of the date of the last modification of .PROG file and .SFA file.

NOTE: The SFA files are not ASCII files.

NOTE: Waiting time is not included when using INPUT, WAIT, LINPUT etc. With FN and SUB calls the call line contains the accumulated elapsed time.

Eloquence Language Manual - 19 DEC 2002