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dbvoldump utility

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  The dbvoldump utility may be used to display volume file information.


usage: dbvoldump [options]
 -c cfg     - configuration file name
 -S         - output summary about total DATA space
 -d flags   - debug flags

The options below are intended for use by product support only:
 -vp        - output volume parameters
 -vn        - output node directory
 -f file    - specify single volume file name
The options are:
The -help option displays a brief help text.

-c cfg
The -c option specifies the eloqdb server configuration file name. If not specified, the default configuration file name depends on OS platform and Eloquence version.

The -S option displays additional summary info about total DATA volume space.

-d flags
The -d option specifies debug flags and is normally not used.

The -vp option displays internal volume parameters (used by product support).

The -vn option displays internal node directory info (used by product support).

-f file
The -f option specifies a single volume file name for options -vp or -vn.


  • Periodically monitoring dbvoldump -S as well as file system free space helps to prevent database server crashes caused by running out of space inside the volume files or during an automatic volume expansion.


The following example displays volume information. The option -S shows summary information on available disk space in the data volumes.
$ dbvoldump -c eloqdb.cfg -S

ELOQUENCE DBVOLDUMP (C) Copyright 2013 Marxmeier Software AG (B.08.20)

ID  Type Path
1   DATA /var/opt/eloquence/db/db01.vol
2   LOG  /var/opt/eloquence/db/db02.vol
3   DATA /var/opt/eloquence/db/db03.vol
4   DATA /var/opt/eloquence/db/db04.vol

ID  Type  Cur.Sz  Ext.Sz  Max.Sz    Free    Used
1   DATA  2048.0     1.0     0.0     0.0  2048.0
2   LOG    144.5     1.0     0.0   144.3     0.2
3   DATA  2048.0     1.0     0.0     1.6  2046.4
4   DATA   738.5     1.0     0.0   593.6   144.9

Total space over all DATA volumes
 when volumes are extended to max. size:  6144.0 MB
 currently allocated disk space        :  4834.5 MB (78.7%)
 allocated but currently unused        :   595.2 MB (9.7%)
 available until max. size is reached  :  1904.7 MB (31.0%)

See also

dbvolcreate, dbvolextend, dbvolchange.

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