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Eloquence B.08.10 Update

  This document covers the user visible changes and problem fixes released with Eloquence B.08.10 updates.

B.08.10 Update 1

  • Support for the Windows platform

  • Database changes
    • Improved database server HTTP status
    • Added filter support to the HTTP status

    • Changed dbkeyupdate function to allow deleting data encryption keys from a database not using encryption

  • Language
    • Fixed a limitation in the decompiler ("LIST") that caused a problem with array member variables passed to a SUB/FN

    • Improved compatibility of eloqcore with 32 and 64 bit Eloquence DLLs. eloqcore can now use 32 and 64 bit Eloquence DLLs that are linked against the most recent libeqdll library.

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