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Eloquence B.07.10 Compatibility

  Eloquence B.08.00 is installed in a separate directory and may be installed in parallel with previous Eloquence releases on HP-UX and Linux platforms.

Eloquence B.08.00 is upwards compatible with previous Eloquence versions and binary compatible with recent B.07.10 patch levels.

While B.08.00 uses separate config files in almost all cases it also supports config files from previous Eloquence releases. So a copy (or even symbolic link) may be used to supply the configuration. However, we do recommend to consider updating the config files with the most recent template config files as new config options may be available.

To revert a database evironment from B.08.00 to B.07.10 the following procedure is required:

  1. If the B.08.00 database server was not shutdown cleanly, for example due to a server abort, the B.08.00 version of the dblogreset utility must be used to re-apply (roll forward) any recently committed transactions.
    The format of the internal transaction journal was changed with B.08.00 and the B.07.10 database server or dblogreset utility do not support the B.08.00 format changes.

  2. Restart the server with the Eloquence B.07.10 version.
To ensure a successful reversion to B.07.10 please make sure that recent B.07.10 patches are installed. These are currently (as of 17. September 2008):
  • PE71-0807210 - database server
  • PE71-0801241 - dblogreset utility
  • PE71-0805071 - dbrecover utility
  • PE71-0807030 - fwaudit utility
  • PE71-0809152 - dbfsck utility
The following B.07.10 patches (or superseding) are suggested to be installed:
  • PE71-0801250 - database client library
  • PE71-0801251 - image3k library
  • PE71-0802150 - eloqcore
To use replication, the following B.07.10 patches (or superseding) must be installed:
  • PE71-0705303 - dbrepl utility
  • PE71-0705304 - chklic utility
  • PE71-0705305 - dbvolextend utility
  • PE71-0705306 - dbvolchange utility
  • PE71-0804170 - dbcfix utility
Download location, installation instructions and release notes: B.07.10 recommended patches.

Use of case insensitive index option

When the case insensitive index option is used with B.07.10, the database server patch PE71-0801240 or newer must be installed before creating or using a database with this option. Otherwise the resulting index could be corrupted.

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