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MPE Client Library
WRQ Labels Format


Download and Installation Instructions

The following describes how to do a "WRQ Labels" download/upload of the Eloquence client software to your HP 3000 system.

  1. In your PC/Mac web browser, download the installation archive file to your local hard drive. The file is about 532KB in size and by default is called "eloqstd.wrq".
    Save the file somewhere you can find it later, perhaps in C:\temp\eloqstd.wrq

  2. On your PC/Mac, start the WRQ Reflection terminal emulator.

  3. Using Reflection, log in to your HP 3000. Please note that you must be logged in as a user with SM capability; our examples assume MANAGER.SYS,PUB.

  4. Upload eloqstd.wrq to the file ELOQSTD.PUB.SYS on your HP 3000.

    Using your mouse you can either click the File Transfer button at the top of the screen or select <File>, then <Transfer>. In the lower middle of the transfer dialog box select "Labels" as the transfer type.

    Note: if you prefer the command line method, press <Alt>Y, then enter:
    send C:\temp\eloqstd.wrq to ELOQSTD.PUB.SYS;L binary

    Whatever method you choose, it is very important that you use the LABELS transfer type.

  5. On your HP 3000, verify that the ELOQSTD file looks correct:
    ACCOUNT=  SYS         GROUP=  PUB     
    FILENAME  CODE  ------------LOGICAL RECORD-----------  ----SPACE----
                      SIZE  TYP        EOF      LIMIT R/B  SECTORS #X MX
    ELOQSTD   STORE   128W  FB        2125   16776959   1     2128  5  *
    Note: the LIMIT and SECTORS columns may vary slightly, and the LIMIT column may be larger than the EOF column ... those differences are not problems. However, the file code must be STORE, the file record must be 128W FB, and the EOF must match what you see above.

  6. Set a file equation

       :file e=eloqstd;dev=disc

  7. Restore the installation macro file (ELOQINST.PUB.SYS) from the archive:
       :restore *e;eloqinst.pub.sys;local;show

  8. Execute the installation macro, which will perform the rest of the installation, and ask you some questions along the way:
       :xeq eloqinst

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