Eloquence A.05.01 Release Notes


New features


Some programs are contained twice in the installation set. Affected programs are: eloqcore, dbimports, dbexports, dbimport, dbexport

In the subdirectory pa1.0 are programs which are using the PA-RISC 1.0 instruction set and are compatible with any HP9000 system.

In the subdirectory pa1.1 are programs which are using the PA-RISC 1.1 instruction set. These programs are not compatible with the following HP9000 systems: HP 9000/8x0, HP9000/8x5, HP9000/8x2

The install program will automatically install the appropriate program version.

eloqnd now included in runtime product

The Eloquence RUNTIME product (B1367B) did not include the eloqnd remote database server. It was only available in the development product (B1368B).

Starting with Eloquence release A.05.01 it will be included in both products.

Known problems fixed with A.05.01

The following known problems have been fixed with Eloquence A.05.01:


Editing a form with more than 128 lines in MFORM could cause all virtual memory used up by Eloquence. This usually caused a core dump and could even affect other applications.


Returning from a SUB or function caused a DISABLE condition ignored, if a pending ON INPUT interrupt request has been encountered for the parent environment while executing the subprogram.

core dump after ERROR 8

Calling a function or subprogram with improper arguments could cause a core dump (assertion failed: ssp->ofs < seg->symsz). If interrupted at a specific stage, the wrong symbol table became restored.

DBINFO 202 failed on remote database

DBINFO mode 202 on a remote database failed when executed on a database other than the first opened one.

CRTCOLS caused core dump

CRTCOLS= terminates curses subsystem in order to re-program the terminal hardware. When a dialog window was active and curses becomes restarted all windows must be re-created. This could cause a core dump.

refresh caused dialog to disappear

This was caused by a bug in the dialog refresh routine. When only one dialog window was active, the dialog may become destroyed by screen refresh.


When a POPUP BOX is executed with Dialog Manager the following problems have been encountered:


The default d.dbstore and d.dbrestore script files did not work.


Schema aborted with core dump when a duplicate automatic data set name occured in schema description.


Known problems not fixed with A.05.01

The following known problems have not been fixed with A.05.01.

Last update: 95/08/22