Eloquence A.04.01 Release Notes


The following bugs which are in the version A.04.00 are corrected with this patch

The following new features are implemented in version A.04.00, but not documented yet

The following new features are implemented in Patch A.04.01

Input redirection syntax

If Eloquence stdin stream is not connected with a tty device (or the -b keyword is given), the following syntax is expected:

A line may either start with a colon followed by a keyword or it starts with characters which are then interpreted as input. Keywords may be upper or lower case. Any character following the keyword and arguments are ignored.

Keywd Description
:! Comment - line is ignored
:PAUSE n Sleep for n seconds
:KEY#n Trigger funtion key n (1 .. 24)
:#n Key code n
:key map key name to keycode (curses names, upper case only) the key names are defined in the file /usr/include/curses.h
:: Starting colon
if the first input character is a ':' then you have to use '::'.

The next line from input file is read, whenever Eloquence keyboard entry is required (eg. unconditional WAIT or INPUT stmt). If input is redirected, the NO OPERATOR function returns nonzero.


The DLG LOAD statement checks the syntax of the dialog file and reports a self explaining error message to the screen, if it is executed interactively

Last update: 95/08/15