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VOLUME Error codes


Title: VOLUME Error codes
Document: vol_error
Keywords: Error Codes,volume,eloqdb6,VOLE,VOLE020


Code Error message Comment
VOLE005 General parameter error
VOLE006 Invalid size
VOLE007 Volume file not recognized
VOLE008 Invalid file revision
VOLE009 Inconsistent volume file set see here
VOLE010 Maximum number of linked volumes exceeded
VOLE011 No transaction log volume present No log volume
VOLE012 Unable to delete volume, volume is not empty
VOLE013 Identifier overflow
VOLE014 Identifier is already in use
VOLE015 Failed to create file Permission problem or file already exists. see here
VOLE016 Failed to open file Permission problem or file does not exist
VOLE017 File is locked The db environment is already in use. see here
VOLE018 Invalid copy of volume descriptor A database volume file has been corrupted.
VOLE019 Failed to pre-allocate page Your disk is full or the size of the volume file has reached the limit of the filesystem.
VOLE020 Volume is full The server is unable to allocate additional disk space. Either the disk is full or the volumes have reached their limits.
You need to add a new volume to the db environment (dbvolextend) or extend the limit of existing volumes (dbvolchange). If you previously used this db environment with the Personal Edition license you may need to remove the 50MB limit
VOLE028 Transaction size limit exceeded The size of an uncommitted transaction reached or exceeded the transaction size limit.
Please review the server log file for additional information. see also

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