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Printer alias


Title: Printer alias
Document: pralias
Author: Ian Mortimer <mortimer@physics.uq.edu.au>
Keywords: printer,alias,HP-UX

Printer alias

The following article was posted on the HP-UX admin mailing list. Please refer to hpux-admin for more information on the HP-UX admin list.
Hi HP Admins

My question was about giving a printer an alias so we
could print to it under two destination names.

Thanks to Bo Thidé, Steve HOLDOWAY, Bill Hassell, 
Mark Conty, Jay Koonz, GUNA SHANKAR, Andy Cranston and 
Tom Myers for their replies.

There were three basic types of solutions suggested.

The first was to set up a second printer to print to the
same device or network address as the first.

The second was to create a second printer to print to the
first as a remote printer.  Tom Myers sent the procedure
to do this:

   root> lpshut
   root> lpadmin -pprint_b -v/dev/null -mrmodel -ocmrcmodel \
         -osmrsmodel-ormphost -orpprint_a
   root> lpsched
   root> accept print_b
   root> enable print_b

The third solution and the one I decided to go with was
the one suggested by Bo Thidé and Bill Hassel.  This
is what Bill said:

>  Very easy although not intuitively obvious.  Create a 
>  printer class with one member.  Now you can print to the 
>  class name or the printer name.  The jobs will all go to 
>  the same printer.

That's what I did and it works perfectly.
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