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After DBIMPORT all german 'Umlaute' are replaced by strange characters


Title: After DBIMPORT all german 'Umlaute' are replaced by strange characters
Document: gen_041
Keywords: iconv,recode,umlaute,convert,character set,hproman8,is08859

After DBIMPORT german 'Umlaute' are replaced by different characters

You probably run the Eloquence dbimport/dbexport utilities on different platforms.

The Eloquence database utilities use different character sets encoding, depending on the Platform. On HP-UX, the ROMAN8 character set encoding is used, otherwise ISO8859/1.

If you intend to DBIMPORT a database on a Linux system that was previously exported on a HP-UX system, you need to convert the HPROMAN8 encoded export file to ISO8859/1 encodeing (and the other way round). This may be managed by either using 'iconv' on the HP-UX platform or GNU 'recode'. For example:

recode -v hp-roman8:ISO_8859-1 filename
recode -v ISO_8859-1:hp-roman8 filename

iconf -f roman8 -t is08859_1 export > newexport
iconf -f is08859_1 -t roman8 export > newexport
Please refer to the corresponding man pages for details.
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