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Can dbutil scripts run with A.06.x ?


Title: Can dbutil scripts run with A.06.x ?
Document: gen_032
Keywords: dbutil,A.06.x,restructure,database,difference,A0600

I have several dbutil (A.05.xx) scripts. Is it possible to use them with the dbutil delivered with A.06.xx ?

This is currently not possible because the DBUTIL utility included with Eloquence A.06.xx is different from the one included with Eloquence A.05.xx.

As of A.06.10 currently neither supports database restructuring nor a dialog based user interface, the batch file syntax is different. The following actions can be performed:

  • Create or delete users, change user passwords
  • Grant or revoke user properties
  • Create or delete database specific access groups
  • Grant or revoke group specific properties
  • Assign users with access groups
  • Grant or revoke data set specific access rights to an access group
Please note: We intend to enhance the A.06.xx dbutil to include similar capabilities as A.05.xx.

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