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How are Eloquence licenses counted


Title: How are Eloquence licenses counted
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Author: Michael Marxmeier (mike@marxmeier.com)
Keywords: license,user

Q: How are Eloquence user licenses counted.

A: The basic idea is that each concurrent user needs a separate user license. A user is defined per user id and system which is used to connect to Eloquence.
Up to 10 processes are allowed to use the same user license, then a separate user license is required for each group of 10 processes.

Notes: Each user can execute Eloquence more than once without beeing required to obtain a separate license. For example if you open two terminal windows or use foreground/background tasks then up to 10 processes/tasks can use of the same license.
A separate user is considered whenever the IP address or the user id is different. For example, a user conecting to Eloquence services from 2 different PCs requires two licenses. Two different logins on a server executing programs locally would also need two separate user licenses.
This is also valid if executing batch processes, for example using cron. A separate user license is required for the first batch process but up to 10 batch processes can share the same user license.

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